Money Is Easy, Hardcover (Landscape 11x8.5)
Money Is Easy, Hardcover (Landscape 11x8.5)
Money Is Easy, Hardcover (Landscape 11x8.5)
Money Is Easy, Hardcover (Landscape 11x8.5)
Money Is Easy, Hardcover (Landscape 11x8.5)

Money Is Easy, Hardcover (Landscape 11x8.5)

Material: Hardcover


“I’ll teach you that money is easy, as easy as counting one, two, three!” – Money Mike.

Money Is Easy (book 1 in the 4-book series) is a beautifully illustrated picture rhyming book that teaches kids how to get rich God's way by revealing Christian values and important life lessons about tithing, saving, investing, giving, and staying out of debt. Money Mike, a lean, green money machine, interacts with a young boy and girl, explaining three easy steps that reveal secrets to success: making money grow like the leaves on his tree involving the kids in doing what he teaches.

In this awesome book about money, your child will learn:

  • Important things that money is used for, like paying for your house, food, and of course, TOYS!
  • How kids can earn money by selling yummy products like lemonade or helping people by mowing their lawns.
  • How tithing gives back to the Lord and allows God to ‘multiply for you a great reward.’
  • How to plan for earning and saving money, investing in other people who work hard, and preventing going into debt.
  • How to pray to God to understand how to make money last a long time.
  • All of Money Mike’s helpful money tips are backed with *asterisked* words that correlate with the back glossary of terms so that educators and parents can teach their kids financial vocabulary and scriptures that back up money prospering principles.

The Money Mike & The Gang four-book series are Christian-based illustrated rhyming books with a message of hope to break the misconception that money is difficult, lose the cycle of debt, and break a poverty mentality - that starts early in childhood development. It also helps parents and their kids start talking about money early so that they can be successful.

This inspirational series has quickly become the favorite kids’ money books of parents, teachers, and Christian homeschool groups for helping children understand basic money concepts.

For ages 0-8, but really intended for parents!

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