Best-Selling Authors Charles and Angela Todd are co-creators and co-authors of the Money Mike & The Gang™ Series and are passionate about teaching children Biblical money principles that will plant seeds to last a lifetime.


Creator and Best-Selling Author Charles Todd is passionate about teaching children biblical money principles that will plant seeds to last a lifetime. A seasoned business entrepreneur and loving father with super parenting pastoral powers, Charles is the creator of the characters Money Mike, Saving Sam, Loan Shark, and Giving Grace.
Charles Todd, states, "While teaching ten-week financial courses on money management, all I kept hearing in the beginning from our students was that money was so hard. And it isn't! Once we got a hold of the simple principles Money Mike teaches, we started to prosper more and more in our later adult living and were livid that we didn't have this knowledge as kids! Hence the title Money Is Easy because it really is easy once you implement simple steps."
Charles’s goal is to start kids early like he did his daughter so that they can implement being a blessing for their children’s children for generations to come. Charles enabled his daughter as a teenager to become a successful entrepreneur with her own fashion brand and taught her about finances early as a kid, which set her apart for success. His heart is for everyone to succeed in life.
Charles is a ministry leader, content creator/writer, and financial teacher incorporating biblical principles. For more info on his podcasts and Abundant Life show, check out:


Best-Selling Author Angela Todd is the co-creator and co-author of the Money Mike & The Gang™ Series. Angela is a screenwriter, businesswoman, entertainment producer, and no-nonsense mother with super know-all powers. "How she knew that I'll never know!" The looming big question children ponder about having unassuming, intuitive parents. "Muahahaha, kids can run, but they can't hide!" Says Angela coveting her superpower.The Money Mike & The Gang™ series was birthed out of covid, a testimony she and her husband Charles Todd share as it was a 'word' from the Lord during a dark time of global shutdown. Together they taught ten-week financial courses to the body of Christ and were awe-struck at the testimonies and breakthroughs their students were having, which prompted parents to ask if they could bring their children into class to learn supernatural financial increase principles. Angela states, "I kept asking my husband like a parrot, "When you are gonna write the kids books?" Over and over until he had no choice but to write them during the lockdown. Once I reeled out his brainchild, I took the ball running!" All of the characters Charles imagined were designed to attract fun and develop financial literacy for families. Angela firmly believes it is not the responsibility for children to take care of their parents. It is her heart that children get set up early in life to prosper so that they can be a blessing to their children's children for generations to follow.

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