The Money Mike & The Gang™ series teaches kids and families how to make money grow like the leaves on Money Mike’s tree by revealing positive Biblical money management values of how to tithe, save, invest, give, and stay out of debt.

Money Mike's goal, along with his witty Gang of friends, Giving Grace, Saving Sam, and the bad guy The Loan Shark, help kids and families, regardless of what state of money they are in, to apply easy steps to break free of debt and poverty to prosper at a very early age in life. 

The books have been thoughtfully designed to include a glossary of finance terms and scripture references (marked with asterisks*) to familiarize educators and families with supernatural vocabulary that backs up money prospering principles.


Can I get a bike? No. Can I get an old bike? No. Can I get some candy? No. Can I get some ice cream? No. Can I geta …? NO!

What do you think, Child? Money grows on trees?

Sound familiar?

Parental guidance has provided a misconception that money, in general, is difficult, or in some way impossible, or out of reach. Conversations about money seemed taboo and only caused arguments between adults. The term invest was way out there in outer space for rich people, and the words tithe and give were for preachers trying to get money. Schools did not teach money management, and society preached go to school, get an education, but go into debt doing it, then intern, then work years and years to pay off your debts. The Church preached money is evil and skipped over talking about finances, as not to seem like they were trying to steal from people.

It’s a never-ending cycle that millions believe and have been sucked into.

The world’s system is designed to lure individuals into debt and hyper-consumption; hence good and hardworking people look unto to man, the government, and loans from banks as their ‘source.’ Although some of those things can be great bridges, it should not ultimately be a final destination.

Sadly, it is safe to say that when you are born in the US, you are born into trillions of dollars of debt.

It’s time to liquidate such ingrained ideologies.

Therefore, meet Money Mike, a super cool animated tree with hidden messages on his money leaves that reveal Biblical secrets to success.


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Giving Is Easy Book Trailer


In this new addition to the series, Money Mike, along with his witty Gang of friends Giving Grace, Saving Sam, and the bad guy The Loan Shark, will engage with kids on activities like Coloring Pages, Dot to Dot, Match the Shadow, Maze Game, Crossword Puzzle, and Word Search presenting important financial vocabulary outlined and mentioned in the books.


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