MONEY IS EASY is a Christian-based illustrated children's rhyming book that debuts Money Mike,

a super cool money tree that branches out with the message,

"Money is as easy as counting one, two, three!" 

Money Mike interacts with a young boy and girl,

showing them his money leaves that have unique lessons and values

of how to TITHE, SAVE, INVEST, GIVE, and stay out of bad debt. 

He explains three easy steps that make money grow,

like the leaves on his tree,

and involves the kids to do what he teaches. 

Added features include a glossary of terms

and scripture references

to engage families in becoming familiar with financial vocabulary

and learning more about scriptures of money prospering principles. 




Join Money Mike & the Gang as they guide us through fun ways of learning how to tithe, save, invest, give, and stay out of bad debt!

Available now on Amazon/Kindle in Hardcover, Softcover, and eBook. 

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